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ZEROTIP® Pipette Micro Tips

    JET ZEROTIP® are manufactured from super clear high quality Polypropylene. The surfaces of the tips are produced through a special process. This process makes the tip inner surface become super hydrophobic, thus significantly reduces sample loss and provides substantially higher reproducibility when working with critical media. 

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    *Available with 6 transfer volumes of 10μl, 20μl, 100μl, 200μl, 300μl and 1000μl 

    *Free of Nucleic Acids, Pyrogens/Endotoxins, PCR Inhibitors and Trace Metals 

    *Ideal for biological samples that contain detergents such as SDS, Tween Triton® -100 ect 

    *Tips with PP filter are also available 

    *Preferred accessories for most brand micropipettor 

    *Non-Pyrogenic & DNase/RNase-free