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The Smart Personal Centrifuge with Microprocessor&Brushless Motor

    The best in class personal centrifuge with Brushless DC motor & microprocessor control for high efficiency & long life.
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    *Brushless DC motor for maintenance free long life

    *Microprocessor controlled centrifuge with variable speed and time setting and also with last run memory function

    *Closed loop control ensures realtime feedback - delivers accuracy of ± 25 RPM of set speed even at variable load conditions

    *Unique Imbalance detection safety with auto cut off

    *8 place closed rotor ensures better airflow,   quiet  operation and low heat generation ensures stability for temperature sensitive sample

    *Electronic Brake for immediate stop - suitable for quick spins

    *Next gen design with digital display

    *Robust construction for longer operation life

    *Small footprint saves valuable bench space - suitable for use in hoods and cold rooms