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5 / 10 / 15 Station Heated Magnetic Stirrer with Microprocessor & Brushless Motor

    Multiposition magnetic stirrer for simultaneous stirring & heating with timer and pulse mode.
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    *Powerful BLDC motor delivers constant speed  

    *Microprocessor controlled hot plate stirrer with variable speed and time setting and also with  last  run memory  function

    *High  performance  multi  position  stirrer  with  5/10/15  stirring positions with optimum use of  laboratory space

    *Variable speed  ranging  from 300-1500 RPM  in steps of 10 RPM

    *Timer setting  from 1-999 mins and  infinite

    *Heater  temperature setting  from ambient  to 120°C

    *Homogeneous  temperature distribution across heating plate

    *Programmable pulse mode  -  reverses  direction  for better mixing

    *Closed design allows easy cleaning and protects  the equipments from accidental spills  

    *Water proof heater with  inbuilt safety cutoff

    *Non slip strength  rubber  feet