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Multistation Motorless Ultra Thin Magnetic Stirrer

    The motorless 4 position magnetic stirrer is maintenance free and ultra flat stirring device for various laboratory applications.

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    *No moving parts - Truly maintenance free

    *Low aspect ratio (just 13.4 mm thick)

    *Microprocessor controlled Stirrer with variable speed and time setting and also with last run memory function

    *Software driven gradual acceleration

    *Adjustable speed from 15 to 1200 RPM @ every 50 RPM

    *Pulse mode - reverses the direction at every 30 secs for thorough  mixing

    *Timer range 1- 99 mins and infinite mode

    *Universal power supply - small wall mount adaptor

    *IP 65 Compliant design (water spill resistant)

    *Corrosion resistant SS top surface for better chemical resistance

    *Includes 4 high strength magnetic stirrers bars (8 x 25 mm)