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Digital Vortex Mixer with Microprocessor & Brushless Motor

    This powerful digital vortex mixer is an essential benchtop unit for everyday mixing operations in the lab.
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    *Brushless DC motor for maintenance free long life

    *Adjustable speed from 300 to 4200 RPM & timer setting

    *Digital display - shows speed and time alternatively at every 5 secs

    *Unique programmable pulse mode function - user enabled run time and off time setting

    *Inbuilt counter balance (No walking issues)

    *Microprocessor based closed loop control for greater efficiency

    *3 way switch (On/Off/Touch) with power on LED

    *Orbital diameter of 4 mm

    *Can be used in hoods & cold rooms

    *Optional attachments for low speed shaking with microplate,microtubes & flask

    *Sticker indicator of permissible speed for various attachments