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Digital 3D Shaker with Microprocessor & Brushless Motor

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      *Brushless DC motor  for quiet and maintenance  free  long operation

      *Three dimensional Rocking  / Tumbling motion  for homogeneous mixing

      *Microprocessor  controlled  shaker  with  variable  speed  and  time setting and also with  last  run memory  function

      *Variable speed setting from 10 to 120 RPM with incremental steps of 5 RPM

      *Long  timer  range  from 1-999 mins &  infinite mode

      *Programmable feature in which user can set and save upto 9 User- Defined Programs  (Protocols)

      *Unique  ‘Run-Pause-Run’  pulse mode - user can set time from 30 to 99 secs

      *Includes spiked  rubber mat & an optional accessory of sticky pad mat

      *Easy  to clean and protects  the equipment against penetration of liquids  (IP 21 protection)

      *Non slip  rubber  feet  for stable operation