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4 Plate Shaker (upto 4 Microplates)

    The microplate shaker is an essential instrument for mixing in individual microplates of different types.
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    *3 mm orbital motion for thorough mixing in Microplates

    *Brushless DC motor for quiet operation and maintenance free long life

    *Microprocessor controlled Microplate Shaker with variable speed and time setting and also with last run memor function

    *Adjustable speed ranging from 200 to 1200 RPM

    *Long timer setting 1 to 999 minutes & infinite mode

    *Rubber O-ring provides firm grip for plate holding

    *Easy access to all 4 plates for loading and unloading

    *Programmable Pulse mode for vigorous shaking in clockwis & anticlockwise direction

    *Last run memory feature

    *Compatible to all standard skirted Microplates