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JET Dispenser

    Introducing a perfect partner for your high volume liquid dispensing. Equipped with modern and easy to use features.

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    *Re-circulation Valve

    Eliminates sample loss For rapid priming

    *Spring-less Valve

    A highly chemical resistant and smooth functioning springless valve

    *Unique Piston Mechanism

    Convenient cleaning of piston without disturbing the calibration

    *Easy Re-calibration

    A single tool re-calibration mechanism which comply with ISO 8655 standards

    *Dual Graduations

    Precise volume setting

    Dual volume marking assures clear visibility

    *360° Dispensing

    Rotating discharge tube enables bottle visibility

    Convenient dispensing without moving the dispenser

    *Universal Bottle Adapter

    Comes with 4 additional adapters for most common bottle sizes

    *Conductive Handling

    Ergonomic design for convenient sampling

    Low pressure dispensing even for larger volumes

    *Telescopic Filling Tube

    Compatible with different sizes of reagent bottles ranging from 170mm to 300mm

    *Uncomplicated Mounting

    Snap-fit mounting of discharge tube for chemical based applications

    *Fully Autoclavable