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fetal bovine serum

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      3-1 Serum purification

      Both the production workshop and the testing and purifying workshop passed the testing requirements of "Design Specification for Clean

      Factory Building of Pharmaceutical Industry" and "Quality Control Specification for Pharmaceutical Production". The minimum pollution 

      of microorganism and dust and the original natural state of serum are ensured.

      3-2 quality raw materials

      High quality raw materials. The best source of cattle in China was selected as the raw material collection area of serum. 

      Each bag of raw serum is required for quality inspection in the incoming plant to ensure that the raw materials are qualified.

      3-3 Low endotoxin and low hemoglobin

      Low endotoxin and low hemoglobin. Wan-class purification of local 100-class production environment, 

      the use of closed aseptic blood collection, low-temperature separation technology to ensure reliable serum quality.

      3-4 Aseptic filtration

      The 3 time is 0.1um aseptic filtration. Wan-class filling room equipped with a large-scale 100-class laminar flow hood, ultra-clean workbench,

      Millipore imported from the United States a complete set of filtration equipment, disposable aseptic bottle sealed packaging, 

      - 20 C cold storage cryopreservation, to ensure that the product is safe and aseptic.

      3-5 Smaller batch difference

      Smaller batch difference. Advanced mass production technology and meticulous matching of raw blood from different 

      regions can effectively reduce the difference between batches of serum and ensure the stable quality of large batches of serum.

      3-6 Product level subdivision

      Product level subdivision. According to the different needs of customers, the serum product series will be subdivided into different levels,

      whether it is scientific research users or pharmaceutical vaccine production can meet.