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96 well luminescence test plate

    Our 96 well luminescence test plate are manufactured from white and black virgin polystyrene and treated for optimal cell attachment. Sterilized by gamma radiation.
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    1.Minimal well-to-well cross talk and low background. 

    2.Ideal for a wide range of fluorescent/luminescent assays. 

    3.Fluorescent ELISA's ( superior sensitivity ), multicolor fluorescent/luminescent assays. Total DNA & total protein assays. Cytochrome P-450 assays. DNA hybridization assays. Protease/peptidase assays, and more.

    4.Recommended working volume of 75 to 200 μL

    5.Flat bottom

    6.Enhances luminescent signals and have low background luminescence and fluorescence

    7.Ideal for reducing protein and nucleic acid binding at low concentrations, and increasing assay signal to noise

    8.Conforms to standard microplate shape and dimensions