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Robotic Tips

    All JET products are designed by experienced engineers, and manufactured in 100,000 grade clean room environment, processes with premium materials. Before delivering to our customers, all products are accessed by a stringent QC process certified by ISO 9001, ISO13485 quality management system, to assure the highest quality. We guarantee that all products are DNase/RNase-free, and non-pyrogenic to meet the highest standard of both laboratory experiment and clinical diagnostics.

     JET Robotic Tips are manufactured from super high quality Polypropylene. The surfaces of the tips are produced through a special process. This process makes the tip inner surface become hydrophobic, thus significantly reduces sample loss and provides substantially higher reproducibility when working with critical media. 

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    Accurate Liquid Handling

    Genomics • Proteomics • Cellomics • Immunoassays • Metabolomics • General liquid handling

    · Tip format: 96 tip
    · Tip volume range: 20 μL to 250 μL
    · Tip material: Clear/Conductive polypropylene
    · RNase-/DNase-/human gDNA-free
    · Non-pyrogenic

    Available options:
    - With or without aerosol-resistant filters
    - Non-sterile or sterile
    -  Low Retention/Standard surface